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Cold Room Installation – Benoni


Cold Room Installation Benoni

If you work in the hotel industry or are a caterer of any kind, then cold rooms and freezer rooms are a must. Professional and affordable cold rooms are even more important, and you’ll find them at MP Refrigeration.

Keeping food fresh and lightly chilled can be achieved with our range of coolroom options, whilst for items which need to be frozen for future use, we also have professional freezer room options. At MP Refrigeration we also understand the importance of providing good quality equipment at affordable prices, so we guarantee great value.

Cold room installation benoni

We can supply and install the most up-to-date cold rooms and freezer rooms, combining the very best parts, products and technology from a selection of world-class suppliers. Whether you need refrigeration for meat, sauces, dairy or more, we’ll have the equipment you need.

Our friendly team will install the refrigeration of your choice efficiently and effectively, so all you have to do is enjoy the many benefits which come with it. Call us for your Cold Room Installation Benoni

Cold Room Installation Benoni

Cold Room Spares

We are able to supply the complete range of coldroom spare parts for all of your requirements.
As leading suppliers of cold room panels, we have been asked to fulfil many cold storage installation projects over the years. The scale of the cold room builds has varied enormously from large commercial cold storage (chillers and freezers) to small, modular cold room facilities such as for bakeries, labs and pharmacies.
The real need for cold room installation expertise has always tended to fall more into the large, industrial cold storage market. For example, when we assisted the principal installer of a new-build, automated freezer warehouse for ice cream and frozen dessert storage. We supplied the cold room panels for what proved to be one of the largest panel structures ever built on A industrial site. That kind of installation, however, does not happen every day!

Cold Room Installation Benoni

The advent of modular assembly panels now means the smaller cold rooms which we were often asked to install can now actually be assembled by our customers themselves. Our current Walk In Cold Room Package Deal offers just such an opportunity. We have the expertise and experience to help you design a cold room or factory to suit your exact needs.

Whether you need a small room for a restaurant or retail outlet, or a larger project for chilled or frozen distribution or food manufacturing, we can help you through the whole process from design to installation & even maintenance.

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