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Cold Room Installation Bedfordview


Professional Cold Room Installation Bedfordview

We,  MP Refrigeration  provide Cold Room Installation Bedfordview for storing fruit, vegetables, meat & dairy products. Our cool rooms also can be use for flowers, film, pharmaceutical & other temperature sensitive products.

  • Covered stainless steel reinforced floors with anti slip tread pattern
  • Large door with replaceable press in gasket
  • Side mounted self contained cooling unit can be mounted on any wall
  • Cooling units rated at 43deg c ambient temperature
  • Stainless steel exterior skirting
  • Interior light supplied just fix into position
  • Cool room temp 0deg to +8 deg c
  • Freezer room temp -10deg to -25deg

Cool rooms also referred cold rooms are available in variety of forms such as custom built, mobile or modular kits for either storage or display of products or transport them any other places. A cool room can operate at positive temperatures (above 0ºc) or negative temperatures (below 0ºc). The negative temp rooms are commonly known as freezer rooms but also referred to as low temp rooms. Cool rooms are common in commercial catering and industrial sites but are also becoming very popular in residential and domestic applications. We use the best cool room motors. Here you will find all different types of cool rooms. Contact Us or Call Us on 011 070 9090 for your requirements of Cold Room Installation Bedfordview and cold room repair in Gauteng.

Cold Room Installation Bedfordview

Cold Room Spares

We are able to supply the complete range of coldroom spare parts for all of your requirements.
As leading suppliers of cold room panels, we have been asked to fulfil many cold storage installation projects over the years. The scale of the cold room builds has varied enormously from large commercial cold storage (chillers and freezers) to small, modular cold room facilities such as for bakeries, labs and pharmacies.
The real need for cold room installation expertise has always tended to fall more into the large, industrial cold storage market. For example, when we assisted the principal installer of a new-build, automated freezer warehouse for ice cream and frozen dessert storage. We supplied the cold room panels for what proved to be one of the largest panel structures ever built on A industrial site. That kind of installation, however, does not happen every day!

Cold Room Installation Bedford View

The advent of modular assembly panels now means the smaller cold rooms which we were often asked to install can now actually be assembled by our customers themselves. Our current Walk In Cold Room Package Deal offers just such an opportunity. We have the expertise and experience to help you design a cold room or factory to suit your exact needs.

Whether you need a small room for a restaurant or retail outlet, or a larger project for chilled or frozen distribution or food manufacturing, we can help you through the whole process from design to installation & even maintenance.

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